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About Golden Gates
My name is Keith Soreng, I am the founder and owner of Golden Gates.  I have been a California licenced contractor for over 25 years.  The first automatic gate I installed was for Mr. and Mrs. MacAulay at 10 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in Ross Ca., it is still working.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to install and work on quite a variety of gate automation equipment: gate operators, intercoms, keypads, detectors, locks, etc.  Most have worked well and proven reliable.  A few have not and have been replaced by more suitable equipment.  This knowledge of what works and why is the greatest benefit that I can offer a prospective client.  I am very careful in evaluating new products and suppliers before recommending that they be used in one of our installations because I believe system reliability is the keystone of all the other system virtues.  Yes, the installations must be functional, beautiful, easy to use and efficient but if the gate fails to open every time all the other things count for little.  Prior to starting Golden Gates I worked as a Reliability and Quality Assurance Engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor in San Rafael.  As an R&QA engineer I came to appreciate the value of system reliability and how it is acheived.  When Fairchild was purchased by National Semiconductor and closed its San Rafael facility I stayed on in the area I had come to love.  I earned my C-13 licence in 1987 and transitioned exclusively to automatic gates in 1994 when I registered the name Golden Gates.
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